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Our mission is to connect consumers with Certified and Licensed Medicare Agents.

Deciding on the best Medicare plan for you can be difficult and overwhelming. With the plethora of coverage options, it can be hard to determine which plan best fits your needs and budget. A licensed Medicare broker can help make this process easier by listening to your individual needs and preferences and providing guidance on your Medicare coverage options. Not only that, but a Medicare broker can provide valuable information regarding rates, coverage, requirements, and more.

By consulting with a Certified Medicare broker, you can ensure you are selecting the right plan for your specific situation. Furthermore, working with a reliable broker will give you added peace of mind knowing that any changes made to your plan in the future will take into account what works best for you and, where possible reduce costs without compromising the quality of care. Ultimately, talking with a professional throughout the entire process ensures that you’ll have access to all the up-to-date information necessary to pick an appropriate healthcare option for yourself or your loved one.

What is a Certified Medicare Broker?

A Medicare broker is a licensed representative who can assist you in making the best decisions for your health and financial needs. They act as an advisor and help with choosing which private insurance plan you should select from among a variety of available companies. When selecting a plan option, the Medicare broker will first determine what type of coverage you need and then compare those plans that meet your specific requirements.Your Medicare broker will explain the differences between plans and weigh out individual features to help ensure that you select the best plan available to maximize benefits while managing costs.

The broker can also provide advice on how different plans might fit into your current budget, or provide overall counsel on potential products such as supplement policies to cover gaps in coverage or other services not provided by traditional Medicare. The broker is available to answer all of your questions so you get accurate information, based on your personal situation, when making a decision. With the proper guidance and education, a durable power of attorney should be executed before enrolling in order to work within regulations while assisting with enrollment processes.

A Certified Medicare Broker is an insurance broker who has gone through additional classes that are specific to selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Drug Plans.  While brokers who only sell Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) are not required to undergo these additional yearly classes and certifications, we recommend that you work with someone who does because they have additional knowledge that might be important for you.

For example, your uncertified insurance broker may tell you that there is no problem with holding off on purchasing a drug plan if you don't take medications or that COBRA is creditable.  While these seem intuitive, someone who is Certified may have a different opinion.

Why not just work with a SHIP volunteer?

SHIPs (State Health Insurance Programs) are a type of service that is funded by the federal government to help people review their Medicare coverage and plans. Many SHIP volunteers can also offer assistance in finding out if you or your loved one is eligible for any related financial help programs.

Although they can provide free, local, and objective insurance counseling, SHIP counselors cannot actively enroll you into a Medicare health or drug plan like a broker would.

A Medicare broker, on the other hand, is typically an independent agent who is licensed and certified to offer various types of Medicare plans or products.

It's their responsibility to advise clients on what kinds of health and prescription policies are available to them through private insurers or through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Additionally, Certified Medicare Agents and Brokers undergo many hours of training every year to maintain their certification status. 

Agents who want to certify need to train with independent agencies such as AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans) or NABIP (National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals), and the cost is around $175. 

Not only must they certify with one of the agencies that offer the training, but they must also must certify each year with each plan they represent.  This is often over 50 hours of additional training each year, not including the CEs they must complete to maintain their insurance licenses.

Brokers can even compare benefits between different providers before helping the client enroll in an appropriate plan. Because they have the resources at their disposal to efficiently find those best suited to their clients' needs, brokers are more commonly used than SHIP counselors when it comes to selecting and buying coverage.

Certified Medicare Agents must also carry Errors and Omissions insurance. 

Errors & Omissions insurance is an important consideration for any insurance agent who wishes to be covered in the event of legal action should they inadvertently provide incorrect or misleading information to a client. This type of insurance provides a level of protection that other policies may not cover, and while it is not required to become an insurance agent, most companies will require it before they let agents sell their products.

The cost of Errors & Omissions coverage can vary depending on the specific policy, but on average, it runs about $300-$700 per year.

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